VIP Passenger

September 23, 2018. Daughter (3rd generation owner) taking Dad (2nd generation owner) out for a ride. Dad hadn’t ridden in this car for about 15 years. Both returned with smiles from ear to ear.

Brunch of Corvettes

We had a great time at our car club’s event at Seven Oaks Country Club. There were a lot of beautiful corvettes, great food, and good friends. Our corvette was selected to park on the lawn, as it is the oldest in the club, along side the newest corvette. Car technology has come a long way in 63-years.  Thank you very much to the staff at Seven Oaks Country Club.  They treated us like royalty.


Our First Car Show

We participated in the Streets of Bakersfield car show in March 2018. It threatened rain, but we made it home before the sky let go. It was a great show and raised a lot of money for charity.

Baby Got a New Pair of Shoes

We did some work on the brakes this weekend. On the front we put new brake cylinders, new shoes, and replaced the brake hoses. We also replaced the rear brake hose as it too was hard and brittle. Now we feel much safer knowing the corvette will stop.

Out for a Sunday Drive

Took the corvette out for a drive on Sunday to test the newly added fuel regulator. It stopped the carbs from getting too much fuel and flooding.  During the drive we stopped by my mentor’s (Omar Dunn) house to show off the car and give him a ride. It was a great day!

First Evening/Night Drive

We drove the corvette to the monthly meeting of the Corvettes of Bakersfield car club held at Three-Way Chevrolet. It was a bit chilly, but the corvette worked very well. We need to adjust the headlights, fix one of the tail lights, and get the dash lights working.